Michał is a digital marketing veteran with a growth hacking mindset and 10+ years of experience. His goal is building high-quality technological content, with particular emphasis on React and Ruby on Rails. After the initial and the most technical stage, you can turn to someone less tech-savvy.

However, hiring a CTO for a startup can be intriguing for many entrepreneurs, especially those who have very little experience and knowledge of technology. We have listed down some important things that you should know about a CTO and then discussed some points based on which you can scrutinize a CTO for your startup. At different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, a CTO plays a varied role. The key reason for this is that companies need time to convey their vision and long-term strategies for scaling. This makes the seed stage the ideal time to hire a CTO since startups will be in the process of developing their idea, product, and concept.

Generally speaking, startups all call their tech leader a CTO, but their job roles will be different in almost every size of an organization. A fractional CTO, as the name suggests looks after a fraction of responsibilities and focuses on specific areas of requirements. Their responsibility is usually shared with other in-house resources. Small to medium sized businesses that are seeking to launch a new product can use a fractional CTO to ensure timely deployment and effective troubleshooting of issues. After completing the form, a TechCXO advisor will reach out to learn more about your project or team needs and match you to the perfect product and technology talent. Visit the company’s office and work with the team in person for several weeks.

You can ask any question you feel like to evaluate a person’s expertise in a chosen technology. However, it’s most useful to ask open-ended questions that let the candidate prove their qualifications. If you have some technical knowledge and want to validate a candidate yourself, here are some tips for interviewing candidates to assess their technical knowledge and skills. CTO’s role evolves as the product evolves, as compared to CEO and COO. Thus, the importance of having someone who can scale just like your company. Their role will grow along with your company and a positive indication of a good CTO for a startup is their high level of diversity in career and education.

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It’s common to use these social networks to get working contacts. CTOs should have an extensive communication network to cooperate with other developers and managers. I’ve already touched upon CTO’s roles and responsibilities.

The VP of Engineering should know who to hire, how to successfully recruit, and manage a team that can successfully work together. The role of the Chief Technology Officer has grown in importance as the Retail Technology industry develops rapidly. The CTO has risen through the corporate ranks to play a critical role in a RetailTech’s growth and success. An outsourced software development company can also fill in the role of a CTO. Finding a software development company is much easier and affordable. A CTO should have a strong technical background before they embark on their journey with your startup.

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However, if you don’t have the required expertise, you can hire a CTO from an outsourcing company or a tech consultant. In this case, you won’t need to worry about the technical part. An outsourcing company takes care of the CTO’s qualification.

Where to hire a CTO

Russ had never been part of a startup, so I shared my learnings with him. After raising seed capital for 3 Kinds of Ice — a mobile app that shows you quirky experiences — I hired a development agency in Croatia to build out the MVP. I got references, checked their plans with advisors, and specified the product as best I could. Hiring freelancers in every type of industry has become the norm these days. In cases where a company needs specialized skills for different tasks that don’t require much involvement in the company or processes, it makes sense to hire a freelancer. Just developing a fully functional product isn’t enough for a startup; they also need a successful launch.

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Until then, they needed to prove key metrics and keep burn low. Finding a CTO with a decade of experience is nearly impossible, but that is what you should aim for. You cannot go for an entry-level or a mid-level tech expert without any leadership experience, and hand them over to a product developing team. A CTO is someone who often stands in the founder’s position; therefore, they should be someone with ample experience in both technical and leadership positions. Now, the most important thing is to consider the fact that hiring CTO is way different than hiring other tech experts or developers for a product team. The recruitment process in this case is to be conducted in a relatively more thorough and rigorous manner since the individual you hire will have a big role to play and a bigger team to manage.

  • As CTO may be required to oversee the company’s data, security, maintenance, and network of a company.
  • You can blame him when something is not working correctly or if the project is already two months late.
  • Your full-time CTO is no longer in the picture and you need someone to keep things going until you can hire a replacement.
  • If there’s a deeper initial technical review required, I’ll know that as well and likely will suggest some resources to help with that.

The product/products are on the market and have the first users, so it’s high time to collect insight and feedback. Simple integration of skilled developers with your in-house team. Hire developers that will work from our office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You get an offshore development team with relevant expertise while we are responsible for recruiting and HR management. Unlike some of the other C’s in the C-suite, the CTO’s job spans from strategy to tactics. The CTO takes company goals and then maps out the practical steps and methodologies along the path leading to those goals.

Though most startups are very good at what they do, they are just not capable of handling all of the administrative tasks that are involved in hiring someone. One of the most important reasons that cto duties most startups prefer to use a recruiting agency is that it simplifies the process for them. They no longer have to worry about finding CTOs on their own and can instead focus on what they do best!

Scope creep is one of the most common reasons why so many startups are not able to stay on the planned development roadmap. The CTO ensures that there is no scope creep and the developers follow the roadmap and do not get enticed to add new features in the middle. They ought to endure that the features are prioritized as per the market research and scope of the ideation. They do not let the project derail and ensure that the MVP development follows the set roadmap with required features as defined in the scope of software MVP.

A CTO’s responsibilities change dramatically as a startup develops. We’ll consider the CTO’s responsibilities during the first stages of a startup’s lifecycle to understand what a CTO has to do from the very beginning. Hiring a CTO has often been a huge challenge for startups, and even larger companies. The biggest hiring challenge is due to the scarce talent supply and high demand for good CTOs. Early stage startups often find it difficult to entice good talents into their company as they are new to the industry and they need time to build up their employer brand.

Before starting the recruitment process to hire a CTO, your first step should be figuring out if you need one. In other words, understand your business’s needs and see if they align with what a CTO offers. In some cases, you don’t need a CTO until you have a more developed product or project. As a remote IT staffing agency, we specialize in finding and helping companies hire technical professionals from all over the world. And while there are many strategies we use to hire elite technical talent, these 5 tips will help you hire a remote CTO for your startup. We have discussed the different roles, responsibilities, skills required in a CTO, and things to consider while hiring CTO for startups.

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Another aspect I always advise clients on, especially those who already have a team of software engineers, is to evaluate if there is someone in the team that could be a good fit for the CTO role. This can bring great value, and as they are already involved in the company, they understand the team’s dynamics and culture. When you can’t build or manage your product, a CTO can significantly make the difference. For example, if you need a core technology to make your product better than others in the market, hiring a CTO will help you reach that goal.

This in turn will help you to cherish your dream turning into reality bit by bit before you, without incurring any losses. Our philosophy is very simple – we want to help people realize their ideas. We aren’t in this to get rich, or empty your bank account – but rather to help make your idea a reality, and to do so in an affordable way. We pride ourselves on providing clients with honest advice and making sure they understand the software development process well before we even get started. If we think you could scale back your idea and save a lot of money – we’ll tell you. If you’re considering hiring a reliable software development team for the CTO role in your startup, contact us and tell us about your project.

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One universal fact about technology is that it changes very frequently. This is why the CTO you choose should be an eager learner who can keep up with market trends, competition and https://globalcloudteam.com/ business growth. In order to move quickly with exogenous variables, a CTO needs to have a learning mindset that tailors business strategies according to what is needed at the time.

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They are responsible for the direction and path that the development team walks towards the final goal. Even in a startup’s earliest stages, the ideal CTO devotes time to mentoring their own replacement. For the company to grow, the CTO will need to develop new leaders who can be trusted to complete or delegate critical functions. The CTO must have technical and engineering expertise to evaluate the abilities of those who are chosen for mentorships. Hiring a CTO is slightly different from hiring a team member or manager. In this case, you not only need someone with certain requisite skills but also require them to be on the same page as you about your business objectives and growth plans.

Promotes the employer band (hiring tech talent is super-hard, but it’s easier with a prominent CTO). So, the ability to innovate is also a key quality in a technical leader. Your CTO should be okay with venturing out of their comfort zone into uncharted territory.

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At a minimum, there’s need for defining the new CTO role, helping with recruiting, and making sure the team stays focused in the interim. Helps you determine whether to outsource development or build an in house team. Hire Part-time/ Virtual CTOs to boost your business and achieve your target goals with minimal time. Verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate with global teams and clients. At least 5 years of experience in a managerial/leadership position. At least 7 years of work experience in a technological role.

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To gain a competitive advantage, hiring a CTO who understands the cloud and its service models is imperative. According to Flexera’s 2020 State of cloud report, small and medium-sized companies actively invest in cloud application development services. Lastly, they are leaders who can put together a team that will be dedicated and passionate. A CTO should create or support collaboration, common purpose, team spirit, check whether the roadmap is followed, and optimize the work if necessary. They are also the ones who evaluate the work of the team members, guide them if necessary, and report the progress to the CEO and stakeholders. So, Chief Technology Officer improves the tech part of your product, solving existing problems.

Setting up processes that don’t suck – writing a lot of documentation, to not forget when we need to do it a second time. You can blame him when something is not working correctly or if the project is already two months late. This article is part of the series calledFounders Guidewhich I’m writing currently to help early-stage founders tackle the problems they face during the first year of the startup. Specialising in building remote dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, AWS, Serverless. Recommendations always remain one of the best options since the role of a CTO in a startup is very responsible.

Bring in a CTO who has the experience to understand your growing pains and pace of doing business. At DistantJob, we’ve been helping companies hire remote technical talent for almost 10 years! We can help you find, hire and retain the best remote CTO. You can have someone who works exclusively for you, understand your team’s dynamics, how your company works, processes, culture, etc. This will help them make better decisions and understand your company’s needs more in-depth. Considering that this role requires a professional that is deeply involved in the company and takes full management of the tech department, hiring a full-time remote CTO is your best bet.

They’ll design and execute your technology strategies, manage your IT team, serve on executive committees, and present reports. Your business benefits from this, and by teaming up with a fractional CTO, you’re positioning your organization to adapt to emerging technologies. In some cases, you can get away with having a technical advisor and not hiring a CTO.

You cannot manage your development with 2-4 hours per week. It’s nice to keep the person as an advisor to assist you with decisions, but you should focus on in-house experts on a long-term basiы – a good advisor will tell you that straight away. Most likely this person is a veteran CTO – has experience getting products off the grounds already. Getting such a person on board full-time will be quite hard, so part-time is also not bad.