Throughout their first few knowledge, Tanjiro and Muichiro kept a strained relationship

Just after Tanjiro properly output so you can their human form, she cries out-of delight which can be visibly alleviated observe your securely right back because a human, both investing tearful smiles because they sit across from per other.

Tanjiro and you will Kanao do at some point ily, having several higher-grandchildren of the labels of Kanata Kamado and you will Sumihiko Kamado ranging from her or him.

Genya Shinazugawa

After they very first interacted, Tanjiro when you look at the an alert motion gripped Genya’s arm to the stage in which it may features busted while the abuse having about addressing Kanata Ubuyashiki immediately after the past choice. They reunited again on the butterfly residence right after Tanjiro got recovered their wounds throughout his battle with All the way down Rating 5 however, when Tanjiro made an effort to desired him, Genya coldly forgotten your.

It came across once more throughout the Swordsmith Community whenever Tanjiro noticed Genya throughout the sexy springs, and you may interacted which have your, the guy tried to get along with him, but Genya are bringing aggravated and you may creeped out-by Tanjiro. It soon shaped a bond after they battled together with her. A couple days once, Genya stumbled on warm up so you’re able to Tanjiro and so they turned intimate family relations.

Kyojuro sitios para hacer nuevos amigos Rengoku

At first, Kyojuro considerably disapproved away from Tanjiro to have traveling with Nezuko, a demon. [11] However, during their joint mission so you’re able to beat Enmu, it designed a thread and became close even with simply expenses an excellent couple of hours along with her. So it bond even promoted Kyojuro to offer providing Tanjiro just like the an effective Tsuguko. [12]

Kyojuro mutual their latest moments having Tanjiro and you will profoundly passionate your together with words out-of reassurance, entrusting the newest son to take and pass to your their latest terms in order to their younger brother and you will father and you may expressing their enjoy regarding Nezuko because a true person in the new Corps. [13] After the Fire Hashira’s passing, Tanjiro proceeded to hold their strong admiration and enjoy to own your, as infuriated and when someone else manage talk ill throughout the him. [14] Through the his fight Daki, Tanjiro recalls Kyojuro’s words and therefore motivate him during his battle. [15]

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro reprimanded Tanjiro by moving a granite at the his head immediately following aforementioned interrupted Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s speech, and you may Tanjiro try bewildered by Muichiro’s impolite medication towards Kotetsu at the fresh new Swordsmith Village. But not, immediately after hearing Tanjiro’s advice about providing anyone else, Muichiro try swayed adequate to change his therapy, rescuing Kotetsu and you may Kozo Kanamori throughout the Gyokko’s attack on the community. After next regaining his thoughts, Muichiro and you may Tanjiro turned close friends, having Muichiro exhibiting heavy bias into Tanjiro after they taught along with her into the Hashira workout. Shortly after hearing throughout the Muichiro’s demise at the hands of Kokushibo, Tanjiro shed tears along the loss of his friend and you may vowed so you’re able to himself however continue fighting difficult.


Tanjiro suits Taayo has actually assisted your knowing more and more Muzan plus means ways to turn Nezuko to the a person. During the Tanjiro’s trip, Tamayo looks at and you may aims hard to generate medicines so you’re able to create demons human once again. Tanjiro also shows value so you can Tamayo and you can accumulates the brand new 12 Kizuki’s bloodstream to automate the lady improvements.


Tanjiro fits Yushiro in the first purpose into the Asakusa Arc, and it also seems like Yushiro does not instance Tanjiro as the he doesn’t that way another individual is actually squeeze for the their existence having Tamayo. Not surprisingly, throughout Infinity Castle, Yushiro carries on help and you can desires to have Tanjiro to keep live. Assuming the brand new battle’s more than, Yushiro visits Tanjiro and you may praises him.

Gyomei Himejima

From the earliest Hashira Fulfilling, Gyomei judges you to Tanjiro must be murdered when he try a Devil Slayer travelling near to a demon. Afterwards, in Hashira Knowledge Arch, Tanjiro shows Gyomei his dedication, ethics, and hard really works, which results in your becoming recognized because of the Brick Hashira.